Idaho BLM Land

Idaho has over 11 million acres of land under the administration of the Bureau of Land Management.

The 566 Acres for sale is located less than a quarter mile from Idaho BLM land at the Boise National Forest and provides an outdoors man with plenty of opportunity to play outside. Considering the size, there are abundant opportunities for lots of different types of recreation on the public lands located near this property in Idaho.  You can choose from activities that also involve relaxation such as lake and river fishing to more exercise oriented activities like backpacking into the primitive canyons and mountains of Idaho. 

The land that surrounds this property in Idaho is a dramatic montage of rolling hills, brushy draws, reservoirs, and mountains that calls to the outdoors man in you.

Idaho is a virtual treasure chest of landscapes that provide the perfect enviroment to GET OUT AND PLAY! Take advantage of this properties close proximity to BLM land in Idaho.

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